DuraCoat: new life for the old shotgun

The old scatter gun was showing some age.  It was the first gun I  paid for myself, with money I saved up from cutting grass and other chores---a whopping $300 or so new.  Some rust showing here and there.  The "bluing" wearing off.  A cracked edge where the stock meets the receiver.  

Despite it being a "cheap" gun, I'd always liked how it shouldered, and I felt like I swung through my shots better with the thing---maybe because of the heavier weight of the over and under.  I wasn't ready to sell it for next to nothing.  

I'd shot my cousin's CZ "All Terrain,"  and really enjoyed it.  The gun is an over and under featuring a walnut stock and forearm with an "OD" green receiver and barrel coated with Cerakote---in an effort to make the typically less weatherproof over and under more durable in the field.  I thought it looked cool too:


I wasn't sure about how to Cerakote a gun, but after some "googling" I learned of DuraCoat.  DuraCoat which is more like regular spray paint.  I figured my old over and under was a good contender to try this stuff out---I had nothing to lose.  

You simply follow the directions.  Disassemble the gun.  Scuff up the metal surfaces with the provided pad.  Clean the metal surfaces with the provided degreaser.  Tape off areas you don't want painted.  Hang the parts up somewhere.  Get to painting. 

I tried my best to spray in light, even coats to prevent pooling and drips.   Despite it being my first attempt, the project didn't turn out too badly.  

The old gun lives on, now more durable than before, ready for the woods, swamp, and salt marsh.    

 If you want to try it out, get some DuraCoat on Amazon.  


  1. Good info! I had an old gun similar to yours that I trashed recently. 40 year old O/U that I bought in college for $200 new. Wish I had it now to try!!

    1. It was a fun and easy project! I swear I shoot better with that gun than my "fancy" semi-auto!


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