Friday, February 19, 2021

Finally, a Few Ducks

Not many hunts for me this year . . . but you've got be pretty darn thankful for the ones you get.  

There were a few woodies from what I call the "wood duck season," the short five day season in October.  A hunt with some family friends near the Cape Fear wound up bird-less . . .  and the same result for several other hunts.  

Towards the end of the season, though, my buddy Cas Prewitt had a spot in the blind up in Tyrell County. Up I went, from Wilmington.  Too, it was great to see Clyde Firman and Andy Clements, two men who made hunting possible up at boarding school at Woodberry Forest---one of the few schools I know of where you can bring a shotgun to school and hunt on campus.

And, finally, that weekend in Tyrell County, there were a few ducks.  

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Southeastern Hogs

It makes me imagine Florida, or perhaps even southeast Asia---this southeastern North Carolina landscape.  This low land, sometimes sandy, oftentimes thick with mud, formerly clear-cut for some long-forgotten "folly" of a development.

What could've been homes for retirees and golf courses and retention ponds, now thick with bayberry and some errant pines.  

And hogs.  

Back in September one afternoon, back before rifle season for deer, back before duck season.  It was bow season, and my brother, David, hoped to stick a doe, or at least practice on a hog.  I wanted to get some practice with my iron-sights lever gun.  Down at his hunting lease, near Bolivia, not far from Oak Island, "hog tracks were everywhere," he had said.   

Friday, October 2, 2020

Overlooked Public Land Bass---back to the popping bug roots


It was mid-June, and the lawyer-quiz was not far off.  Sometimes, you need a break, to clear your head, to get some clean(er) oxygen to the brain, to keep that thing inside your skull from turning to mush, jumbled with actus reus and fee simple subject to a condition subsequent and the rule against perpetuities and the elements of common law burglary or larceny and duty-breach-causation damages and ... on and on and on. 

So, trusty Old Town canoe on the truck, I drove a mere five minutes from my cookie-cutter apartments to a little bit of public land, near where I had often duck-hunted in my undergrad years.  I'd fished there before, and never had much luck, but in a different area, and by foot, not by boat.  As much as I'd like to describe it more, I'll keep the details sparse, in hopes that someone else is enjoying this same spot, now.